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Introduction to Agile for Hardware Learning

If your team is ready to apply agile methods to accelerate and enhance your product development efforts, we provide a range of agile for hardware learning and implementation support options.  Every program can be customized for your situation, timing and goals.

  • Agile for Hardware Workshops –  Four of our popular 4-hour programs are shown below that provide an excellent foundation for the MAHD Framework. These can be customized for your goals and situation.

  • Team and 1-on-1 Coaching – Coaching for team members in key roles such as agile project managers, product owners and MAHD masters as well as team-based coaching to facilitate pilot project activities, refine skills and guide implementation.

  • NPD Assessment & Transformation – Help with analyzing your current situation throughout the product lifecycle and identifying bottlenecks, challenges and areas where agile methods can provide significant improvement. The result is a clear path from your current state of NPD to your desired state. 

Experienced Instructors

You'll learn from the MAHD founders, each with 20+ years of NPD and Agile experience in a wide range of industries.

Training Options

Programs designed for your goals & situation to get fast results. From 1-on-1 coaching to company transformation.

Online or Onsite

Select delivery of online with interactive tools or onsite. Always with hands-on exercises for fast learning and retention.


Our programs focus on desired results whether it's more efficient teams, better products or faster NPD.

How Can We Help You?

The fastest way to learn more is to set up a complimentary consultation of your situation and goals.  To schedule a 45-minute discussion, just book a time with one of our MAHD evangelists.

Agile for Hardware Workshops

Browse our series of Agile for Hardware workshops in the following tabs or contact us for a discussion of your situation and to get a custom proposal.

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We’ve worked with dozens of companies to initiate pilot programs.  Contact us to learn more how to get started with Agile for Hardware and the MAHD Framework.

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