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How to Get Started with Agile for Hardware


One advantage of the MAHD Framework is that it’s easy to get started quickly and expand as you learn.  However, effectively putting new methods in practice inside an organization with existing processes, years of momentum and skeptical antibodies is rarely straightforward.

In any situation, one of the best ways to get started with the MAHD Framework is by initiating a pilot program. This could be implemented as a test program or part of a larger organization transformation initiative.

The options show below provide three ways to get started ranging from getting started with a small team and just trying out the framework  to a full company initiative.

After helping dozens of companies get started with MAHD, we believe the best option is the “Train and Pilot” approach. This allows the team to quickly focus on a real-world project and then determine the best steps to move forward on a broader scale.

Three Common Paths to Process Improvement

There are several paths most companies take when embarking on major transformation initiatives: 

1) Top-Down Directive – Senior management wants the whole company to change quickly and directs the teams to transform how they work. This can take months or years depending on the company size, goals, culture and investment. It usually involves top-down training, hiring consultants, overhauling existing processes and rolling out the new way-of-working based on project-managed milestones.

2) Bottom-Up initiative – Often a specific team or leader sees the value of a new way-of-working and takes the initiative to try a new approach.  This involves learning and applying the new methods on their own. If the new way works, they might become evangelists for expanding on the new way-of-working, or could just silently continue and share with others only when asked.

3) Middle Out Diffusion – The middle ground is between the top-down and bottom-up approaches. This initiative might be led by a product group or business unit that has the greatest need. They then become the pilot test for the rest of the organization. Once the new way-of-working is proven, it can be rolled out to the rest of the organization.

The MAHD Framework has been instituted with companies using each of these ways and other variations.  Each path has its pros and cons related to the speed of deployment, overhead to the company, disruption to the teams, etc. To see case studies based on these approaches, contact us to learn more.

Three Ways to Get Started

A good place to start is to select a project to pilot the MAHD Framework. A good pilot projects has these characteristics: 

  1. It’s large enough to be important, but small enough to not be overwhelming. 

  2. It requires multiple disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, design and SW.

  3. It has a core team of 6-12 people. Avoid multiple MAHD teams for a first project.

  4. It is early enough in development to get the full benefits of MAHD.

 We share three options below to get you started. 

Have Questions?

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Self-learn and Try

The simplest approach to experiment with the MAHD Framework
  • Join the MAHD Community
  • Identify a semi-complex project
  • Develop an Agile Project Brief
  • Conduct MAHD On-ramp Activities
  • Execute Iterations, Sprints and Tasks
  • Learn, improve and repeat

Train and Pilot

The fastest way to start is to train a focused team and pilot a project
  • Identify a pilot team and project
  • Get hands-on MAHD training
  • Initiate your project with facilitation
  • Execute rapid (IPAC) learning cycles
  • Capture areas for improvement
  • Learn, improve and repeat

Assess and Plan

This is a great option if you already know that Agile is right for you
  • Gather your stakeholders
  • Establish clear transformation goals
  • Assess your current NPD process
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Develop a roadmap with milestones
  • Pilot, learn, expand

Want a Fast Start?

We have developed a range of cost-effective programs to get started quickly.  Within just a few days or weeks, your team will learn the MAHD Framework and get started with a pilot project. 

Agile & Leader Workshops

Interactive workshops to learn Agile for Hardware and MAHD principles and methods.

MAHD Executive Overview

Gain a fast understanding to learn if MAHD is right for your team and organization.

Rapid NPD Assessment

A rapid assessment of current NPD challenges and how MAHD might deliver improvements.

To learn more about these and other ways to get started, visit Auxilium services.

Want a Faster Start?

Request a Complimentary MAHD Overview

The fastest way to learn if MAHD is right for you is to send us a note to request a 45-minute overview and discussion of your situation. Whether you’re currently using Stage-Gate, Lean, Six-Sigma or other, we can help you quickly learn:

  • The key elements of the MAHD Framework

  • The unique benefits of MAHD over Scrum, SAFe and other methodologies

  • The best approaches to trial Agile before making big internal changes

  • How to best manage the transition from your current way-of-working to a more Agile way

“Schedule Now” takes you to our schedule where you can select a date and time and share more of your goals. 

Start Small and Build Your Skills

Start with the Core

Focusing on one project using the MAHD Framework Core is a great start to building Agile skills. With the MAHD Core, you’ll:

  • Clarify key roles

  • Initiate a project with the MAHD On-ramp

  • Practice Iteration Plans, sprints, and backlogs

Join the free MAHD Community to download the Intro to MAHD ebook to learn more about the MAHD Framework Core.

Introduction to the MAHD Framework

Learn and Expand

Once your teams become familiar with MAHD methods, you can extend the framework to more complex projects and product portfolios.

  • Define new roles such as Agile Program Managers

  • Learn how to manage a team of teams

  • Clarify Product Owner and MAHD Master roles

It’s not complicated, but does require new skills and often a modified culture. Explore the interactive model of the Complete MAHD Framework.

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We’ve worked with dozens of companies to initiate pilot programs.  Contact us to learn more how to get started with Agile for Hardware and the MAHD Framework.

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