Featured Resources

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Larry Builds a Roof Robot

A 5-minute overview of MAHD principles.

An Intro to MAHD Ebook 7_23_18

An Intro to MAHD

Explains the key elements of the MAHD process and how to get started.​

Five Challenges

Learn about typical challenges teams face when going Agile and how to overcome them.

MAHD: Step-by-Step

Applied Agile for Hardware Principles through developing an innovative coffee maker.

75-Second Executive Summary

Learn the two essential changes MAHD provides over scrum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do physical products really need their own agile methodology?

We believe so. Many teams have tried to make SW-based agile methods such as Scrum work, but they struggle. User stories don't always make sense, dependencies get in the way of strictly prioritizing backlogs and even the definition of a release is different. Agile is good. But it needs modified for hardware.

Is MAHD based on any specific version of agile?

MAHD incorporates all of the agile principles found in Scrum such as user stories, iterations, and backlogs. But it also has unique elements not found in any SW-based agile methods as well as a redefinition of releases, an emphasis on up front planning (the On-ramp) and other differences necessary to support hardware development.

Is agileforhardware.org a non-profit organization?

Not officially... yet. It is starting as a community to share ideas, resources and tools. Who knows what the future will bring, but certainly we see a need for agile in the hardware community and wanted to build a place to meet, collaborate and share.

How do I contribute resources to the website?

We welcome any resource or discussion that contributes to the thinking and mission of agile for hardware. Please just sent us a note and let us know what you'd like to contribute or we can offer suggestions of what we think the community is seeking.

Can anyone become a MAHD Evangelist?

Yes! We'll share tools and resources and hopefully others will as well. This is an open source initiative. Over time, we'll also build a directory of "MAHD Evangelists" to help others build agile skills.

Isn't MAHD just a hybrid water-agile-fall process?

While MAHD does have elements of both agile and more traditional phased development processes, we believe it's unique and necessary by taking the best of both and making them work in an end-to-end approach for physical products. Of course, we hope MAHD will continue to evolve and not become dogma, but a set of principles that can be applied and adapted for any development needs.