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Welcome to the Agile for Hardware Community

Welcome to the MAHD Website

Welcome to the Agile for Hardware community! We’re just getting started with the basic framework and a few resources based on our experiences. Our hope is that this becomes a vibrant community with rich discussions, a large array of resources and of course, varying opinions.

We strongly believe in the principles of agile, but they must be modified for physical products. One of our first efforts was to develop a model – Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) – to support the unique needs of hardware. This model is based on our combined 50 years of experience every process you can imagine such six sigma, lean, phase-gate, scrum and more. Each process has something to offer and our goal was for MAHD to provide the most efficient methods without overwhelming terminology and dogma.

We welcome your feedback and insights and look forward to hearing from you.

Gary and Dorian



Welcome to the Agile for Hardware Community

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An overview of the modified agile for hardware framework (MAHD)

A MAHD Overview

The five-page overview provides a quick summary of the MAHD Framework, benefits and unique attributes.

A guide to using agile for hardware methods

MAHD Toolkit

Includes the key elements of the Core MAHD Framework along with step-by-step guides and templates for each step.

Intro to MAHD Core

The key elements of the MAHD Framework and how to get started including each step, the On-ramp, Focus Matrix and more.

MAHD Step-by-Step

Applied Agile for Hardware Principles through developing an innovative coffee maker.

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