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An overview of the modified agile for hardware framework (MAHD)

A MAHD Overview

The five-page overview provides a quick summary of the MAHD Framework, benefits and unique attributes.

MAHD Step-by-Step

Applied Agile for Hardware Principles through developing an innovative coffee maker.

Intro to MAHD Core

The key elements of the MAHD Framework and how to get started including each step, the On-ramp, Focus Matrix and more.

A guide to using agile for hardware methods

MAHD Toolkit

Includes the key elements of the Core MAHD Framework along with step-by-step guides and templates for each step.

The benefits of agile for hardware over waterfall methods

10 Benefits of MAHD Over Stage-gate

Learn the 10 ways that MAHD provides more focus, higher collaboration and shorter cycles.

MAHD Executive Overview_Graphic Cover

90-Second Executive Summary

Learn about the key elements and advantages of the MAHD Framework... all in 90 seconds!


Intro to MAHD Podcast

A 45-minute discussion on MAHD and how to get started. Download or listen on Apple or Android devices.

Larry Builds a Roof Robot w/Agile

A 5-minute overview of agile for hardware principles before the MAHD acronym was adopted

Key MAHD Roles

Learn about the key roles of the MAHD Framework and how they are different than Scrum.

Five Challenges

Learn about typical challenges teams face when going Agile and how to overcome them.

LinkedIn Group

Join this LinkedIn group started to discuss all topics related to adapting agile for hardware development (not just MAHD)

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