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About MAHD

Software teams have discovered Agile methods increase customer focus, accelerate development and enhance collaboration. But what about physical products? Can products that range from trash cans to complex medical devices benefit from Agile methods?

Yes. Agile methods provide big benefits over traditional PD processes, but they must be adapted to the needs of hardware development. The Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework provides the benefits of Agile, but supports the needs of  physical products.

The Webinar Series

Join us for a 60-minute live webinar to learn how agile can be applied to products involving electronic, mechanical and complex systems.  Webinars are held by Auxilium the first Wed of each month at 1:00PM ET and include Q&A .Upcoming topics include:

  • Foundations of MAHD
  • Scaling MAHD for Complex Product Lines
  • Making the Transition from Stage-Gate to MAHD

“Learn More” takes you to for latest schedule.

Is MAHD Right For You?

We know Agile is not right for every company. If you’d like a brief overview of the MAHD Framework with a case study on the benefits similar companies are getting with Agile methods, contact us to set up a video call to discuss your situation.

Going MAHD - Step-by-Step

To help practitioners visualize the MAHD Framework in action, we have developed a series of nine articles to explain how agile methods and tools can be used for physical products. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as JavaBrew uses agile methods to develop an innovative new coffee maker. Join our MAHD Community to get immediate access to all nine steps and other tools.

Take a Step-by-Step Agile Journey

The JavaBrew team used  agile methods to develop and launch a new smart coffee maker. Was agile effective? Will the new product be successful?

Learn more about the MAHD Framework  step-by-step with our 9-step guide to agile for hardware. Just join  our MAHD Community and get immediate access to this guide and more. 

What Does It Take to Make a Smart Coffee Maker? Can Agile Help?

Learning Options - How Much Time Do You Have?

90 Sec. Overview

This video provides a short overview of what makes MAHD different than typical agile for software.  You’ll quickly learn about the key elements of the MAHD Framework and the benefits of agile methods over waterfall development.

10 Benefits of MAHD

Learn the 10 Advantages of Agile over Waterfall

Agile delivers a wide range of benefits over traditional NPD processes from more focus to a better culture.  View the slideshow to see all 10.


Intro to MAHD

Join our MAHD community and get member access to this complete guide to the MAHD Framework.