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About Agile for HW

The Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework provides the benefits of Agile, but supports the needs of  physical product development.

SW teams have discovered Agile methods increase customer focus, accelerate time-to-market and enhance collaboration. Hardware-based teams can also get big benefits over traditional processes, but since Agile wasn’t designed for physical products, a modified approach must:

  • Adapt to new insight, but allow designs to freeze

  • Accommodate a range of disciplines (including SW)

  • Manage lead times, schedule & production needs

  • Support p/t team members & external stakeholders

Who's Going MAHD?

The MAHD Framework is ideal for manufactured products and portfolios that include a combination of mechanical components, electronics and software elements. It can be scaled from managing simple projects to complex systems and full portfolios.  Learn more about who’s applying Agile for Hardware.

“The MAHD Framework is the only Agile methodology we’ve seen that truly understands hardware.”

A MAHD Overview

Learn about the MAHD Framework with this five-page executive overview.

How to Get Started

The best way to learn if the MAHD Framework can improve your ability to deliver better new products faster is to try it. 

Browse the Complete MAHD Framework

The Complete MAHD Framework focuses your team’s efforts from small projects to complete product portfolios.  At first glance it might look complicated, but you have many of the elements already in place with project and product leaders, teams and portfolios. As you transform to an Agile development organization, you’ll apply Agile principles to enhance your ability to learn through rapid development cycles, build rapid prototyping skills and engage with customers at the right time.  

Browse our interactive MAHD model to learn more.

Complete Agile for Hardware Framework

Learn About Agile for Hardware Methods

Transforming a process is never simple. In addition to changing methods and tools, it also requires a change of attitude, culture and daily way-of-working. To learn about the MAHD Framework, a good place to start is to download the Intro to MAHD e-book and the Coffee Maker series of nine steps, which explains how agile methods and tools can be used for physical products from concept to launch.  To see how the framework can be scaled to complex projects and whole product lines, explore the Complete MAHD Framework with the interactive guide. 

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Top 25 Q's

What’s unique about HW? Do roles need to change? We’ve answered the top 25 questions we receive in the MAHD FAQ.

Request a Complimentary MAHD Overview

The fastest way to learn if MAHD is right for you is to send us a note to request a 45-minute overview and discussion of your situation. Whether you’re currently using Stage-Gate, Lean, Six-Sigma or other, we can help you quickly learn:

  • The unique benefits of the MAHD Framework

  • The best approaches to trial Agile before making big internal changes

  • How to best manage the transition from your current way-of-working to a more Agile way

“Schedule Now” takes you to our schedule where you can select a date and time and share more of your goals. 

Agile for Hardware Training and Implementaton Support

Get hands-on training, coaching or assistance implementing agile methods to achieve your goals. 

  • Agile for Hardware Workshops – Build new skills to lead and apply agile methods

  • Team and 1-on-1 Coaching – Get hands-on, customized help for teams and individuals in key roles

  • Agile Implementation Support  – Identify the best approach to integrate agile methods into your environment

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More Learning Resources

90 Sec. Overview

What makes MAHD different than typical agile?

This video provides a quick overview of the MAHD Framework key elements and benefits of agile for hardware methods over waterfall development.

10 Benefits of MAHD

Learn the 10 Advantages of Agile over Waterfall

Agile delivers a wide range of benefits over traditional NPD processes from more focus to a better culture.  View the slideshow to see all 10.

Take a Step-by-Step Agile for Hardware Journey

Follow the JavaBrew team as they use MAHD methods to develop and launch a new smart coffee maker. Was agile effective?

Learn more about the MAHD Framework with our 9-step guide. Each step shares the principles, roles, methods and tools of Agile for Hardware. 

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