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A Comparative Analysis of MAHD, SAFe, Nexus, and LeSS

  • Hardware teams are increasingly being asked to investigate Agile methods to go faster and focus more on customer value. These are benefits that Agile can deliver, but selecting the best approach can feel frustrating since most available information is based on approaches designed for software development. 

This paper provides a comparative analysis of four prominent frameworks— the MAHD (Modified Agile for Hardware Development) Framework™, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)™, Nexus, and LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum)—with a focus on their applicability and effectiveness in the context of hardware development. This article posits why the MAHD Framework optimizes Agile principles and best practices to best fit the needs of physical product and hardware-based systems development

This whitepaper includes: 

  • A summary and history of each approach
  • Detailed comparison in three major areas
  • Guidance on which approach might be best for your situation

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