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Step 4: Building the Backlog

In step four, the team is now ready to develop their backlog — the prioritized list of work items that need to be done. Since the team is still engaged in On-ramp planning (and haven’t even started their first sprint), they will take a high level approach to capture large work items, knowing that each will be broken down further into more detailed tasks during sprint planning. User stories, requirements, product attributes, tasks, risks, resources and the progress toward completing the iteration successfully will all be reassessed by the team with each sprint. 


Going MAHD: The Coffee Maker Project

To help hardware development teams visualize the MAHD Framework, we have developed a series of nine articles to explain how agile methods and tools can be used for physical products, who should be involved, the outcomes for each step and how to overcome challenges. We hope you’ll join us on this journey as JavaBrew uses the MAHD Framework to develop an innovative new coffee maker.

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