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Agile for Hardware Methods

Introduction to the MAHD Framework Core

The MAHD Framework Core focuses on project excellence from project conception until launch incorporating unique elements to successfully manage hw-based products.

Agile Vision Brief

Early, clear strategic vision to guide teams with the right priorities based on customer value.

MAHD On-ramp

Five key elements and collaborative activities to ensure your project is off to the right start.

Learning & Execution Cycles

Key to every organization's success is having a pipeline of new opportunities. Agile methods are ideally suited to evaluating and managing innovation initiatives.

Introduction to the Complete MAHD Framework

The Complete MAHD Framework expands on the core framework by using agile principles to manage every aspect of product development ranging from simple product changes to whole product portfolios.

Complex Projects

Using a team-of-teams approach large and complex projects can be managed and stay true to agile principles.

Agile Portfolio Management

Apply agile principles to optimize the whole product portfolio, manage product roadmaps, make better resource decisions and guide product strategy.

Sustaining Engineering

Once a product is released to manufacturing agile principles can help drive cost reductions, field upgrades and production improvements.

Introduction to the MAHD Implementation Roadmap

Following the MAHD Implementation roadmap can help you systematically build agile skills and develop a whole company culture of collaboration and rapid learning. 

Creating Goals and Building Support

The first step of the MAHD implementation journey is understanding your situation, setting goals and building organizational support.

Training and Pilot Execution

The best way to learn a new of working is by building a common understanding of agile methods and then implementing with a pilot project.

Expand and Institute

With learnings from your initial MAHD pilot project you'll have the learning and insight to extend your agile way-of-working throughout your NPD process.

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