How We Started

The Agile for Hardware community and the MAHD  Framework were initiated by Dorian Simpson and Gary Hinkle to create a platform for sharing and discussion.  Dorian and Gary have both worked in product development for over 20 years to deliver a wide range of software and hardware products in a variety of industries. After seeing many processes come and go they came together to work toward a better approach with agile at its core, but not ignoring the valuable elements of lean, design thinking and even stage-gate processes. 

We’ve seen many companies trying to directly apply Scrum to hardware development efforts, even going as far as writing user stories to define every specification and attempting to develop a working prototype every two weeks. While this may work for some projects, it’s more likely to create frustration and result in abandoning the core principles of agile.  The MAHD Framework is designed to use the key methods and principles of agile while defining a flexible set of tools that meet the needs of hardware developers. 


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If you are passionate about agile principles with a focus on physical products, we’d love your participation in our growing community. We’re looking for articles, guest bloggers, case studies, tools and other resources that add to our thinking and adds value for practitioners.  Contact us to learn more or share. 

Some of the companies that are going Agile

Meet Our MAHD Evangelists

Dorian Simpson

MAHD Evangelist

Dorian Simpson is an innovation and product development consultant, trainer, speaker and author of The Savvy Corporate InnovatorCompanies he’s worked with include ABB, GE, Tyco, Owens Corning, Qwest, Technicolor, FEI, VTech, Freightliner, and many others. Before consulting, Dorian held key positions at Motorola and AT&T in product management, sales, marketing, business development, and engineering.

“Companies need to move faster and with more accuracy. Agile helps on both fronts.” 

Gary Hinkle

MAHD Evangelist

Electronics, mechanical and software engineering are all part of Gary Hinkle’s background, working in design, management and executive leadership of communication, industrial, telemetry, audio, avionics, computers, test & measurement, among other industries. Today, he’s principal consultant at Auxilium, a company he founded to help engineering-oriented businesses increase productivity.

“We’ve all seen the problems with waterfall processes. Agile provides principles that work.”


MAHD Evangelist

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