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Live 4-Hour Small Group Seminar:
Intermediate MAHD for Successful Execution

Managing the Backlog, Tasks, Iterations and Remote Teams

In this intermediate-level seminar, you’ll build on your foundation of Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) principles to go deeper into day-to-day execution. You’ll to learn how  to develop the task backlog, breakdown and estimate tasks as well as the overall project, hold iteration reviews and work effectively with remote teams. We’ll also set up a real world agile project, establish roles and use an online collaborative whiteboard to show exactly how you can manage your agile teams in any environment.

We keep the number of participants to six or less to allow ample time to address each person’s unique situation.

This program is also available for teams at a time convenient for you or a one or two-day onsite program. Contact us for details. 

Key questions we will answer along with many others: 

  1. How can you estimate an overall project schedule when so much is unknown? 
  2. What’s the best approach to grooming the backlog before iteration and sprint planning?
  3. Who is responsible for sprint planning when the types of tasks are so different? 
  4. How can you manage the range of cross-discipline teams to the same plan…. even when they are remote? 
  5. What does a successful iteration review look like and who should lead this?
April 28, 2020
13:00 EST - 17:30 EST
May 12, 2020
13:00 EST - 17:30 EST
May 06, 2020
13:00 EST - 17:30 EST
May 20, 2020
13:00 EST - 17:30 EST


Only $395/individual.  Limited to 6 people to ensure your specific questions and challenges addressed. 

Group rates:
3-6 people $276.50 each

Contact us for larger groups or in-house pricing options.


Using an agile project as an example, and the opportunity to work on your own projects, we’ll address some of the most important aspects of using agile methods effectively on a day-to-day basis.  

PART 1: Creating and Managing the Task Backlog for Success

Managing Iterations and Sprints:

  • Creating Your Backlog –  Creating, organizing and estimating high level backlog tasks
  • Estimating the Overall Project – Intelligent iteration plans that lead to success
  • Creating Your First Iteration – Pulling tasks, breaking them down and creating success criteria
  • Creating Your First Sprint – Breaking tasks into sprint level actions, criteria and gaining commitment
  • Holding Iteration and Sprint Level Reviews – What happened and how to manage your next iterations and sprints

PART 2: Managing  MAHD (and any flavor of agile) Challenges

Key topics for ongoing success:

  • Role review – Defining the roles of Agile Project Manager, Functional Leads, Product Managers and others
  • Shared Resource Challenge – Managing agile team members who are split across teams
  • Managing Dispersed Agile Teams – Key success factors
  • Holding  Iteration/Sprint Planning with Remote Teams – The tactics of using collaborate tools
  • Q&A – We’ll leave time for specific questions related to your situation

Agile Toolkit – Each participant receives a Modified Agile for Hardware Development toolkit with templates, tools and tips.


The Seminar Facilitators

Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson have each been leading new product development efforts in a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Having seen the benefits of agile in both software and hardware projects, they began collaborating on the MAHD Framework in 2017 to optimize agile methods for the unique needs and constraints of physical product development. 

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