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Live 4-Hour Small Group Seminar:
Modifying Agile for Hardware Development

Getting Started with MAHD

Join  MAHD founders and evangelists, Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson for this fast-paced 4-hour live seminar.  You’ll to learn how  to apply the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) framework to your products to increase focus, reduce cycle times and deliver products that customers love. We keep the number of participants to six or less to allow ample time to address each person’s unique situation.

This program is also available for teams at a time convenient for you or a one or two-day onsite program. Contact us for details. 

Key questions we will answer along with many others: 

  1. How should scrum or other software-based agile methods be modified for hardware products? 
  2. How do you manage dependencies, manufacturing, and schedule needs of physical products? 
  3. How should the roles of project, program and product managers be reconsidered in an agile world? 
  4. How should you think about “requirements” and “specifications” in agile where these terms don’t exist?
  5. How can you get customer feedback when you don’t have a functional prototype?
June 24, 2020
13:00 EST – 17:30 EST
July 08, 2020
13:00 EST – 17:30 EST
July 22, 2020
13:00 EST – 17:30 EST


Only $395/individual.  Limited to 6 people to ensure your specific questions and challenges addressed. 

Group rates:
3-6 people $276.50 each

Contact us for larger groups or in-house pricing options.



A foundation of agile for hardware methods using the MAHD Framework:

  • Introduction –  An intro to agile as applied to hardware and cross-discipline teams
  • The MAHD Difference – How  managing tasks, dependencies and schedules differ from scrum
  • MAHD Elements – Review of key agile steps and their unique application to physical products
  • The Hardware Agile Challenge – Where companies fail and how you can succeed using agile
  • Agile Case Study – An example of how agile can lead to success with physical products


Using an agile project as an example, and the opportunity to work on your own projects, we walk through each step of the agile for hardware process from project kickoff to initial release. Along the way we review specific methods, challenges and tips for success:

  • Roles and Kickoff Success – The right way to get your project started 
  • The Agile On-ramp – User stories, requirements, backlogs and your iteration plan
  • The Agile Engine – Managing sprints, iterations and acceptance criteria to drive execution
  • The Fuel – Setting up a customer engagement and feedback system
  • Common challenges and solutions
  • Q&A – We’ll leave time for specific questions related to your situation

Agile Toolkit – Each participant receives a Modified Agile for Hardware Development toolkit with templates, tools and tips.

The Seminar Facilitators

Gary Hinkle and Dorian Simpson have each been leading new product development efforts in a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Having seen the benefits of agile in both software and hardware projects, they began collaborating on the MAHD Framework in 2017 to optimize agile methods for the unique needs and constraints of physical product development. 

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