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MAHD Step 3: Creating an Agile Iteration Plan

Creating an Agile Iteration Plan

The JavaBrew team has gathered to execute the next step toward developing their cutting edge Smart Coffee Maker.

In the previous step, Lynda, the Product Owner and Jordan, the Agile Project Manager, kicked off their smart coffee maker agile project. Lynda shared an Agile Product Brief and high level user stories with her team. The team also captured product attributes, requirements and planning elements to sufficiently to get the project going in the right direction.

It’s now time for the critical step of the MAHD On-ramp that you won’t find in any agile for software or Scrum process, but is so necessary for hardware. The team must come together to develop an Iteration Plan that will outline the overall project plan and guide progress toward the final product.


MAHD Step 3: Creating an Agile Iteration Plan

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